Clearing My Head In The Vineyard

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As my husband and I trekked across the vineyard to our setting under a gnarly oak tree, I kept thinking how excited I was to put the paint on the canvas for the second time in nearly thirty five years – since high school!

I was also very thirsty for the chilled rosé wine we had brought along to help get our creative juices flowing. Tenley Fohl PhotographyAs we began painting the vine in front of us, I remembered words of my high school art teacher, Mr. Benjamin, very clearly, “just be you, and all will be pretty.”

How could things not be pretty in a vineyard; how could things not be clear? Clearing my head is what I needed after a busy month, and when I was gently reminded to add “brightness and highlights” to the delicate bud leaves which I had painted on my canvas, I felt a familiarity and calmness being spoken to me, like that of Mr. Benjamin.

The joy of such nice memories made me want to develop more memories by doing more of what I was doing … at that very moment.


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